Hay & Forage Production

Maxson has been producing both 100% Weed-Free Wheat Stray and Orchard Grass hay for many years and can offer you both high quality and competitive pricing. Our 100% Weed-Free hay is part of our sustainable agriculture model and is bailed after seed harvesting in the late summer in an effort to minimize organic material waste.

Hay is a versatile product with many uses in addition to its value as a livestock food source and supplement. Here in Oregon and Washington, many construction contractors use hay bales and loose straw to help reduce soil erosion on the jobsite. You’ve probably seen bales of hay placed close to storm drains and ditch inlets where they serve as a natural, cost-effective way to filter sediment and reduce water velocity.

You can purchase Maxson 100% Weed Free hay for local pick-up or delivery online.

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